Maso Corno

Bottiglia SantaMaria Maso Corno

The pinot noir of the estate gives homage to the underlying parish of Santa Maria. Vinified only as a reserve and refined inside french durmast barriques, the wine undergoes a period of bottle ageing in accordance with the vocation of the product.

Maso Corno

Bottiglia Villanova Maso Corno

An elegant wine, whose multiple surprising facets create a harmonious composition. Villanova Maso Corno exhibits a straw yellow color with golden hues and releases an intense arome sustained by its ample bouquet.

a Maso Corno

Bottiglia Declivi a Maso Corno

It’s green-tinged, straw-yellow color and the immediate scents of sambuca and aromatic herbs of Declivi a Maso Corno are an invitation to approach this Sauvignon Blanc with ease and to be conquered by its taste.

Around a glass of SantaMaria Maso Corno one embarks on a tasting voyage, savouring emotions and uncovering ancient secrets.


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